aMust eCondom™ for MSIE

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Saint-Petersburg, Russia,
21 December 2005

aMUST Software today announced the release of aMUST eCondom™ for Microsoft Internet Explorer, a free security utility designed to protect Internet users from malicious web sites which target user computers with spyware, keyloggers, rootkit and other malware.

eCondom reduces and eliminates the risks by allowing users to run Internet Explorer in SafeBrowse™ mode. It works similar to \”Run As\” command in Windows XP, and forces a user to use Internet Explorer under \”User\” account, even if he/she is logged in under Administrator account. Unlike \”Run As\” command eCondom normally does not reduce Windows XP usability and flexibility, and does not downgrade users\’ Internet experience while making Internet browsing much more secure and safe.

eCondom is designed to protect a Windows XP user from the latest, not yet patched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. eCondom is not a replacement for anti-spyware, anti-virus or personal firewall but rather another level of defense.

\”Most Windows XP users employ all powerful Admin account for everyday use, and most of them are not even aware about this fact. Any malicious code running under Admin account also becomes all powerful, and can track user behavior, steal personal information or even take over a computer.\” said Dr. Amust. \”Using eCondom will dramatically reduce and eliminate the risks from malware because it limits Internet Explorer with \”User\” privileges which are just enough to browse the Internet.

Aferin valla. Siz hala kullanmaya devam edin o Internet Explorer denen saçma salak browserı. Bol bol virüs yiyin de Internet Explorer \’a bulaşan virüsler direkt makinanıza geçsin.. Kaç kere yazıldı çizildi. İnternetin aktif kullanıcılarının çoğu 6 ayda Internet Explorer \’dan FireFox \’a geçti, siz hala annenizin Internet Explorer \’ını mı kullanıyorsunuz yoksa? Hemen FireFox \’a geçin, internetin keyfini çıkartın.

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