Ders Çıkartılacak Olaylar

Bazen görmediğiniz bilmediğiniz olayları açığa çıkardığınız oldu mu?

A married executive flew to Palm Springs on business but had so much fun that he decided to stay another week and vacation. Wanting to share his newly-discovered oasis, he happily phoned a bachelor friend, \”Grab a plane tomorrow and come down for a week on me. And bring along my wife and your mistress.\” His friend gulped, \”How long have you known?\”

Gibi? 🙂 Veya şöyle yönlendirildiğiniz oldu mu?

A man sat on a train across from a blonde in a tiny mini-skirt. He tried not to stare at her legs, but soon realized that she was not wearing underwear. She caught him and asked him directly, \”Like what you see?\” Guilty, he sputtered, \”Uh, yes. Sorry!\” and averted his gaze. \”Oh, that\’s all right,\” she said. \”In fact, it\’s quite talented. Watch this: I\’ll make it blow a kiss to you.\” And sure enough, it did. The man was obviously impressed. \”I can also make it wink,\” she offered. He stared in amazement as it did just that. \”Would you like to sit over here, next to me?\” He didn\’t need to be asked twice. As he moved in beside her, she asked, \”Would you like to stick in a couple of fingers?\” He looked at her, wide-eyed. \”You mean it whistles, too?!\”

Olan varsa nerde olduğunu söylesin bir zahmet… 🙂

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