Osuruktan Teyyare

Michael ZANAKIS ve Philip FEMANO isminde iki kafadar osuruktan teyyare lafını ele almış ve mini mini bir oyuncak hazırlamış. Bununla da kalmamışlar, bir güzel buluşlarının patentini de almışlar:

The main object of this invention is to provide a safe toy which exploits the combustible properties of flatus to fire a toy missile into space.

More particularly an object of this invention is to provide a toy gas-fired missile and launcher assembly collect in a combustion chamber an explosive mixture derived from a colonic mixture emanating from the operator of the toy. Among the significant features of the invention are the following:

  1. The toy assembly includes a hand-held unitary launcher.
  2. Little skill and minimal safety precautions are required to operate the launcher; hence the operator may even be a child.
  3. While the assembly explodes a mixture of air and colonic gas, it is hazard-free, for the explosive is safely confined.

(…) To operate the assembly, the player who may be fully clothed places the inlet of the tube with its valve open adjacent his anal region from which a colonic gas is discharged. The piston is then withdrawn to a degree producing a negative pressure to inhale the gas into the combustion chamber to intermix with the air therein to create a combustible mixture. The ignitor is then activated to explode the gas in the chamber and fire the missile into space.

Bakalım başka çevrime uğratılacak ne gibi sözlerimiz varmış.

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