Üç Basit Test İle Nasıl 1000$ Kazanılır

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Scott walked into a saloon and noticed a large glass jar filled with ten-dollar bills sitting on the bar. There must have been a thousand dollars in there. He asked the bartender about it.

— Simple.

replied the bartender.

— You put in ten bucks and, if you can pass three simple tests, you get all the money.
— Really? What are the three tests?
— Nope, pay first. That\’s the rule.

So Scott put in his ten bucks and the bartender gave him his instructions.

— First, drink a fifth of pepper tequila. Second, go out back behind the bar and remove my pit bull\’s abscessed tooth with your bare hands. Third, the 90-year-old woman who lives upstairs has never reached orgasm during intercourse; go upstairs and make things right for her.

Scott was stunned.

— What?! You\’d have to be an idiot to drink a fifth of pepper tequila, let alone do those other two things.
— Your call, but your money stays where it is.

But as Scott had a few drinks and then a few more, he got drunk enough to ask,

— Where\’s that tequila?

The barkeep gave him a fifth and he downed it in one long pull. Then he staggered out the back door and soon the bar was filled with the sounds of a noisy scuffle outside. Barking, screaming, yelping, shouting… followed by a long silence. Just when everyone thought that Scott surely must be dead, he staggered back into the bar, his shirt ripped, his body covered with bloody scratches. With his last ounce of courage, Scott groaned,

— Where\’s that old lady with the sore tooth?!

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